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During 7 days civilians will come, some will want to see their
families, others will simply go work, you decide if they can
or cannot cross the border. Make the right choices if you
don't want to people to rise up, the contagion to spread or an
unprecedented economic crisis.

EXPEDITION - Coming Soon

Expedition is a game where you play Edward Coleman,
a journalist in search of fame. On the trail of an expedition
that turned to a complete disaster, he will discover a facet of
reality that he would have wished to nerver know.

At Okult Studio, we believe on the right offer. It is in this sense
that during a mission, we accompany our customers in their
project from A to Z. It will be firest of all to analyse your
intentions int their entirely in order to conceptualize a product
that corresponds to YOU. With us, you initial needs and goalds
can evolve into an amitious and consitent digital solution.

A support for your project
from A to Z.

Our production method offers us a great flexibility, we will be
able to adapt to your needs but also your constraints,
whether they are temporal (availability and deadline) or

A tool more than a game.

In the ere of digital transition, Okult Studio develops for you the
skills of your employees, innovates in the way you
communicate and raise awareness of the issues that drive you.

An interactive solution for better

There are many ways to learn, but few are effective as
education games. Teaching content in a fun and engaging
way allows for full and practice oriented learning, but also
to focus on sustainability and efficiency.

An innovative media.

Do you have an interesting, fun idea to communicate, learn or
raise awareness of a cause? Or do you only have a concept
in mind? In any case, we are here for you and will take
charge of your project so that it can evolve towards an
ambitious and coherent digital solution.

Cherish your brand image.

Your image and your presence on the web are important.
To achieve you goals, we offer a range of services ranging
from logo creation to graphic content creation to promote
your events and actions.

Let's not neglect your

We know that communication plays a crucial role in the
project we develop. This is why, once your project is
completed and in order to maximize your audience, we will be
able to produce pre-press and digital visual content for you.

3D, a non-negligible element.

For an optimal immersion and if you really want to stand out,
we have a 3D departement capable of setting up stunning
environnments and visual elements bringing a real plus to your

Let's get started!

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OkultStudio is a Belgian studio created in 2020 by 3 people. We teamed up after having released a prototype of a game on that worked well. We want to offer players an immersive and emotional experience. In order to create immersive, narrative and serious games, our studio seeks to produce rich, immersive and impactful experiences in an innovative and varied way. We also want to be in contact with our community and listen to them as much as possible in order to best meet their expectations.

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Game Designer

Curious in nature, it is every second that I seek to quench my thirst for learning. Today, I hold the position of project manager, sound designer and game designer mainly. I take car that each member of the team make his voice heard, so that everyone can flourish and inject their ideas and personality in our projects.

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I am a creative and amibitious graphic designer who love challenges and offer new ideas. I obtained a bachelor in Graphic Techniques and completed a Game Designer training.
I am proud of the work I do and I have the ambition to create content that appeals to people.

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As C# developer, solving problems and creating mechanics is what i'm looking for. Discovering new ways to reach my goal and improving optimization are the most enjoyable things for me. Also my experience as a speedrunner and glitch hunter help a lot in the testing process. Breaking stuff is as fun as creating it !

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